Baiting The Scammers

We go deep into the vast world of India’s online scams, meeting both those behind the deception and the new breed of Indian scambaiters trying to bring down those “destroying the country’s reputation”. After 7 years running tech support scams “Leo” is now an entrepreneur who sets up whole scamming operations for those with money to invest. He tells us exactly how he does it. We follow “Sven” as he calls on the international scambaiter community to help investigate a company running a tech support scam. Will he find enough evidence for the police to mount a raid?

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Baiting The Scammers
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Undercover Asia: Baiting the Scammers - 1 x 48 mins, documentary, Channel News Asia

Investigation into India's burgeoning scam call centers, meeting those behind the deception and the new breed of international scambaiters who are trying to stop them.

DOP - Husain Akbar
Drone Operators - Pixonova Rohit
Production Coordinator - Aquila Khan
Reconstruction Actor - Ankita Babbar
Scambaiting consultant - Neep Scambaiting
Special Thanks - Leena Dhankar and Gurugram Cyber-Crime Police

DOP James Huges
Reconstruction Actor Jo Bousfield

Edit Assistant Caius Williams
Transcribers Caius Williams and Aneesha Srinivasan
Post-production researcher Josh Miller Cundy
Assistant Producer Aneesha Srinivasan
Production Coordinator Rozi Peters

Opening Title Graphics Manuel B. Rellesiva
Graphics Pomonia Pictures
Stock Footage Pond 5
Music Audio Network
Programme Lawyers Abbas Media Law
Editor Adib Nessim
Dubbing Mixer Paul Mallet
Online editor Gary McMath

Producer/Director Faiza Khan
Executive Producer Dan Davies

For Channel News Asia
Assistant Producer Nadira Kasmani
Commissioning Editor Ngoi Soon Ling