Colombia Starry Night Toad

Arhuaco leader Ruperto Chaparro Villafaña teams up with scientists to save the critically endangered starry night harlequin toad in Colombia. Thought to be extinct for 30 years, the toad is thriving in Colombia due to the indigenous way of life.

Colombia Starry Night Toad
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First Nations Frontline - 4 x 25 mins, documentary, Al Jazeera English

The First Nations people on the frontline of climate change a fight for their survival and the future of the planet.

The Torres Strait: Swallowed by the sea

Director Theopi Skarlatos
Camera Max Cutting
Editors Domenico Favata / Oliver Bloor
Yumplatok Translation Naomi Gothard / Michael Corden
Dubbing Mixer Dave Ingram at Storm
Online editor Paul Ingvarsson at Storm

The frog that could save the world: Colombia’s Starry Night Toad

Director Kata Karath
Camera Max Cutting
Editor Adib Nessim
Dubbing Mixer Paul Mallet
Online editor Gary McMath
Translation Dorata Migas Mazurt

Native Nation: Voices of survival

Directors Ali Sargent / Sam Liebmann
Camera Stephanie Rose
Editor Bonnie Rae Brickman
Dubbing Mixer Paul Mallet
Online editor Gary McMath
Transcriber Olivia Arigho-Stiles

Black Butterflies: The cost of going green

Director Saila Huusko
Camera Max Cutting / Daniel Demoustier / Mikko Leinonen
Editors Noemi Varga / Saila Huusko
Dubbing Mixer Paul Mallet
Online editor Gary McMath
Translation Håkan Carlsson / Emelie Eckerud / Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi

Series Staff
Production Coordinators Rozi Peters / Annys Hamilton
Production Assistant Josh Miller Cundy
Researcher Tiger Ritchie
Edit Assistant Caius Williams
Executive Producer Dan Davies