Under the Cover of Covid

The fight against COVID-19 required governments to monitor our lives and temporarily suspend our freedom of movement. But could it also be a pretext to introduce new forms of surveillance and data gathering? People and Power investigates whether our privacy and freedoms are being permanently eroded under the cover of covid.  A film by Dan Davies and investigative journalist Antony Loewenstein.

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Under the Cover of Covid
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1 x 25' for Al Jazeera's hard hitting investigative strand People and Power.

Under the Cover of Covid

Director - Dan Davies
Consulting Producer - Antony Loewenstein
Assistant Producer - Natalie Merzougui
DOP - James Hughes
Additional Footage - Juanan Eguiguren
Film Editor - Maria Valente

Israel Crew
Fixer/producer - Oren Ziv
DOP - Yotam Ronen

Singapore Crew
Fixer/producer - Derek Cai
DOP - Edwin Cheng

Production Secretary- Mia Creed
Archive - Ali Bright, Treise O'Brien, Nicola Han
Transcriber - Leah Rustomjee
Online and Grade - Paul Ingvarsson
Dubbing Mixer - David Ingram
Production Co-ordination - Jessica Morris
AJE Executive Producer - Diarmuid Jeffreys