We follow roboticist Marita Cheng as she attempts to build the Jevaroo, her most complex robot yet. She's driven by the desire to help severely disabled people do basic but important things like preparing food and drinking for themselves, as well give them the ability to do fundamentally human things like shaking hands when they meet people.

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Black Leaf Films made 3x25 films for this observational documentary series about the women in STEM fields.

Ecuador's Hidden Treasure
Directors Ana Naomi de Sousa / Kata Karath
Camera Peiman Zekavat
Editor Adam Thomas
Local assistant producer/translator Kata Karath

Robo Gal
Directors - Dan Davies / Juliette Pearce
Camera - Justine Kerrigan, Richard Kickbush, Juliette Pearce
Editor - Adam Cassidy

The Dolphin Sanctuary
Director Theopi Skarlatos
Camera Operator: Dave Aspinall
Editor: Adam Thomas

Series Staff
Researcher/Production Manager Jessica Morris
Production Co-ordinator - Stuart Watson
BLF Series Executive Producer Dan Davies
AJE Executive Producer Farid Barsoum